April 12, 2013
We are thrilled to announce our first release!

Listen through a variety of channels.
For the best listening experience it is highly recommended to download the album through Bandcamp and listen to it on your favorite offline player. This release is a continuous play and will be interrupted by a small gap on all online players.

Bandcamp Listen, download (free) & physical release
Soundcloud Listen & download (free)

Check out the release page and comment or rate the album if you like.


April 5, 2013
Dyssomnia teaser
One week to go till our release hit your ears! In the meantime you can check out Dyssomnia on Soundcloud, Youtube and Last.fm.

The all-embracing and precise review by 2020k is up as well.

See you next week!

March 25, 2013
Hello and welcome to 2ism Recordings!
We are happy to welcome you at this brand new place on the internet.

After years of preparation it all soon will become real, yes - we can finally touch it!
On the 12th of April our debut album from Benign & Roy Hessels, called Ego, will shine at you. Though, shining should be taken with a grain of salt because this debute album carries a heavy underlying meaning...

"Roy Hessels & Benign carve out one hell of a commentary on a lot of different subjects that span from political, to social, and beyond. Perhaps Ego does show all senses of the definition after all." (source 2020k)

In for a treat? Get back on the 5th of April!

In the meantime:
If you want to find out more about 2ism Recordings please head over to the about section and get a bit of understanding of this unique label. More information about the artists can be found in the artists section. Sign in on our newsletter and follow us on any (social) platform you desire to stay updated on any future projects. (see icons below)