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2ism Recordings takes the privacy of its listeners very seriously. We will only collect email addresses in order to provide release or artists updates via our email mailouts. We never send unsolicited emails to listeners and we do not sell mailing lists to any other companies or individuals.


Don't just send in demos unthinkingly!

Delve deep into the spirit of 2ism Recordings to know who you are dealing with. Once you decide to take a chance with us you should also find someone who fit your style to create a split release with.
Still there? Then use the contact form above so we can make it onto the next step.

Are you a designer, or do you know a designer, who want to have their work on 2ism Recordings? Please contact us, we are always on the lookout for designers! Please keep in mind that the coverart of a release will be the outcome of a collaboration of 2 designers.